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S'aimera du style. Ophélie Duchemin Consultante en image
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ready to explore a new look ?

Are you frustrated by the gap between your current style and your personal identity?

Do you feel like you don't know how to fully express yourself?

Does your wardrobe gives you anxiety, because you own too many or too few clothes, and as a result, you always wear the same thing?

Do you feel the need to rediscover your style and rediscover the pleasure of expressing your personality?

Do you feel stuck in a clothing routine that doesn't allow you to explore your different facets, as well as your assets?

My mission: to help you get to know yourself better, so you can express yourself more accurately, consciously and with pleasure.  

More than a simple makeover that follows diktats without taking your person into account,
here I'll put all my energy into affirming your personality and expressing your authenticity.

Let's talk
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About me


image coach and personal stylist

coach en image et styliste personnelle
 OPHÉLIE DUCHEMIN consel en image colorimétrie relooking  coach estime confiance

awaken your uniqueness, unleash your confidence by

discovering the colors that illuminate you, the cuts that enhance you, the styles that reveal you, you (re)learn to love and express yourself. This approach fosters cohesion between your body and mind, revealing the singular beauty that defines you.

Because image consulting transcends the simple world of fashion. It's not just a makeover. It offers you a new language. An intmate conversation between you and yourself. A serene dialogue between you and the world around you.

My background
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I'd be happy to accompany you,whether you're :

• in a phase of metamorphosis
• eager to (re)gain confidence and self-esteem
• curious to know more about yourself
• concerned about having a dressing room in line with your values andlifestyle

The confidence you'll gain will open up new horizons, both in yourpersonal and professional life.

Isn't that good news?


"For many women, the relationship with their physical image is complicated.The fashion world seems elitist and cruel. That's where someone as unique asOphélie can help you turn the world of clothing into an ally. Whether it's asimple chat or a shopping spree, her kindness and discerning eye will help yourediscover yourself in a new light. Le Reflet Conseil is a rare gem in the fashionworld, because Ophélie's emotional intelligence matches her aesthetic eye. Ihighly recommend her! "

- Gaëlle


"This is the second time (summer and winter) that I've called on Ophélie tohelp me create looks from my wardrobe. And it's really great! In addition to thegreat time I have with Ophélie, I then have lots of photos of outfits based onthe pieces I own. It's a huge time-saver in the morning. Side benefit: it unlocksmy creativity, and I get lots of ideas for looks that I can create myself. In short,if you're feeling like you've got nothing to wear, or that you're always wearingthe same thing, contact Ophélie right away!"

- Virginie


"Ophélie is super caring, very professional and reassuring. She hascompletely transformed my vision of shopping. I can now enjoy this quest forclothes, whereas for 30 years it was a chore! She has opened up a world ofpossibilities for me, where before I conformed. In fact, she's activated me.Thanks to her words, the sharing of her knowledge and her serenity, she hasenabled me to stop suffering and feel in control of my image. With eachpassing day, I continue to explore the different avenues Ophélie has shownLE REFLET _ trad en anglais 3me, and it's exciting! She has reassured me on many points, given me back myconfidence and, above all, given me wings... Thank you so much! "

- Daniela

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