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Offer your customers and sales staff an unforgettable experience.

- VIP customer events
evenings to thank your customers for their loyalty by offering themdiagnostics on colorimetry, morphology, style and more.

- Personal shopping
shopping assistance for your customers, clothing advice...

- Training courses

Teach your team the right way to advise your customers: the right choice of colors and clothes for each morphology

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Boost confidence and legitimacy among your employees through a distinctiveand enriching experience.

Powerful conferences:
Unveil the power of corporate image.Master the professional style appropriate to each sector, and learn crucialtips for job interviews.Explore the influence of accessories and color on your professional image.

Dynamic TeamBuilding:
Transform your employees' professional image with an entertaining andpractical TeamBuilding experience, boosting their confidence and style.

Expert Training :
Maximize your teams' potential with image consulting training.Boost their expertise for a significant impact on their professionalperformance and confidence

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Offer a Le Reflet e-gift card and transform your look.

How about telling the people you love that you love them?

Birthday, anniversary, retirement, Mother's Day or just to please someone?Offer her a special moment with Le Reflet.
-My colors & harmonies
-My figure & my complexes
-My new Dressing looks
-My style, My vision
-My personal shopping
-Workshops with friends

The e-gift card is sent directly by e-mail to the recipient. You choose the amount of the card, the message to be inserted and the day of delivery.

I offer a new look.
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